Working always with the owner’s best interest in mind, our goal is to help every investor realize the maximum return on their property — while at the same time, providing quality rental space for tenants at reasonable prices.

Maximizing the return on any investment property is the result of a strategic plan that includes great marketing, strong tenant relationships, a proactive maintenance and improvement plan that recognizes the benefits and challenges of every property, and attentiveness to the specific needs of each client. For these reasons we personalize our service to best meet those individual needs.

But the hallmarks of our service — professionalism, accountability, and unwavering integrity — are the constants our clients can expect in any and every circumstance.


  1. Qualifying Tenants: WPR faithfully complies with all Oregon Landlord/Tenant laws and Federal Equal Housing Opportunity regulations in the process of marketing and leasing properties to desirable tenants.
  2. Tenant Relations: We value our tenants, and make it a priority to establish and maintain strong relationships built on respect, appreciation, consistency, and responsiveness. But in cases where confrontation becomes necessary, we’ll also handle that for you.
  3. Rent Collection: WPR makes it easy for our tenants to pay rent by providing an option for online payment and a 24-hour drop-off location, and will take all reasonable actions to collect any rent due on behalf of our owners.
  4. Client Trust Account: All sums received from rents, deposits, or maintenance reserves on each property will be deposited into a client trust account which is maintained separately from WPR funds.
  5. Statements: We provide timely and accurate financial reporting to our owners through a detailed monthly statement of receipts and disbursements, and an annual statement with 1099’s after year-end.
  6. Maintenance of Properties: WPR is available 24/7 for emergencies, and we perform a monthly drive-by for all local properties as well as an in-home inspection every 6 months. We’ll also make sure that your property meets required regulations such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarm standards, and lead-based paint requirements. In addition, we’ll handle recurring operating expenses and oversee improvements, repairs, and maintenance requests.
  7. Inspections: WPR performs a move-in inspection whenever a tenant takes possession of a property, and a move-out inspection when a unit is vacated. These are in addition to the inspections noted above. Internal inspections may be completed more frequently if potential problems are suspected.
  8. Contractors: We employ licensed contractors as needed to protect the investment of our owners and the well-being of our tenants. As a recognized overseer of a large number of properties, we maintain close working relationships with local service providers, enabling us to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible price.