The homes and multi-family units we manage are among the most well-cared for and beautiful in Eastern Oregon! And we offer properties in every price range.

So whether you’re searching for that perfect, but temporary place to live while attending school, or if you’d like to find a great home in a residential neighborhood where you can plant yourself for a while without the financial and maintenance responsibilities that come with home ownership, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a business owner in need of office or retail space, we can help you there, too!

At WPR, we believe in putting people first, and you can count on us to provide a quick response to your inquiries, efficient maintenance for the place you live, and service with a smile. We also offer a safe & secure online bill payment that’s easy to use. How’s that for convenience?

So get in touch with us by using the online form below – your perfect home may be just an application away!

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